Best WhatsApp Spy Apps for iOS and Android: How to Spy on WhatsApp like a Pro

Are you looking for the best WhatsApp spy app for Android or iPhone? Read on and get to know how to spy on WhatsApp using some of the best Android/iOS spy apps.


“How to spy on WhatsApp of someone without letting them know? I want to read the WhatsApp messages of my daughter, but I don’t want her to know about the use of the WhatsApp spy app.”

This is one of the many queries that are posted by parents and other concerned individuals alike about the use of a reliable WhatsApp spy. Being one of the most popular social IM apps of the present time, WhatsApp is used by almost everyone these days. Though, chances are that your kids or spouse might be using it behind your back. Well, in this case, you can spy on WhatsApp account of theirs using a trusted tracker. In this guide, I’m going to make you familiar with 5 different WhatsApp spy apps for Android and iPhone that you can actively use.

Part 1: Spy on WhatsApp using mSpy [Powerful and Easy to use]

To start with, I’m going to list the WhatsApp spy app that I use to track the messages and other media files exchanged on my kid’s WhatsApp. You might already know that mSpy is one of the most popular spying apps out there for both Android and iPhone. It has a dedicated WhatsApp spy feature that would remotely track all the vital details of the app. Once the tracker is installed, you can go to its dashboard and remotely view the exchanged messages or media files without getting detected.

mSpy Features

  • You can remotely access all the received and sent messages on their WhatsApp. You can also obtain a log of all the calls that are made via WhatsApp.
  • Essential details about the WhatsApp contact and the message timestamps would also be included. It can track all the individual conversations as well as group activities.
  • The application will let you view all the exchanged photos, videos, documents, and other files on WhatsApp.
  • Since it runs in a stealth mode, you can spy on their WhatsApp without getting detected.
  • Presently, the non-jailbroken version of mSpy would only let you access their WhatsApp text while the jailbroken version will let you access their exchanged files and calls as well.

To learn how to use spy on WhatsApp using the mSpy tracker for Android or iPhone, the following steps can be taken.

Step 1: Get your mSpy subscription

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To start things, you can just visit the official website of mSpy and get a relevant subscription of mSpy. Make sure that you read the features offered for your device and buy the non-jailbroken or jailbroken version.


Step 2(a): To spy on an Android

Now, if you wish to spy WhatsApp on Android, then access the device first and go to its security settings to enable app download from unknown sources.


Afterward, you can visit mSpy’s website and download the APK file of the WhatsApp spy. Install and launch the WhatsApp spy app on Android and grant the app the needed permissions. You would have to log-in to your account and enter a unique code to authenticate yourself.


Step 2(b): To spy on an iPhone

If you are planning to install this WhatsApp spy for iPhone and your device is jailbroken, then you can just use Cydia to install it. On the other hand, non-jailbroken iPhone users have to go to their iCloud settings and enable the iCloud backup feature for WhatsApp.


Also, while getting your mSpy subscription, you can select the “non-jailbroken iPhone” version. For this, you will be asked to log-in to the same iCloud account that is linked to the target device. In this way, mSpy will access the WhatsApp backup saved on iCloud in the background.


Step 3: Spy on WhatsApp remotely

That’s it! Once you have completed the installation, you can just go to the online Control Panel of mSpy on any device. Go to its sidebar and select the “WhatsApp” feature to access their exchanged messages, media files, and more.


Part 2: Spyzie WhatsApp Spy [Invisible WhatsApp Tracker]

Another WhatsApp spy for Android and iPhone that you can try is Spyzie. The application is extremely powerful and can keep a tab on all the vital WhatsApp activities. The best part is that this WhatsApp spy supports an excellent stealth mode and would make sure that the other user can’t detect its presence.

Spyzie Features

  • You can spy on all the messages exchanged on their WhatsApp with contact and timestamp details.
  • Besides messages, it will even let you access all the media content and documents that are exchanged by the user.
  • It runs in a stealth mode and won’t let the other user know that they are being tracked.
  • There is no need to root or jailbreak the target device to use Spyzie.

To learn how to spy on WhatsApp messages using Spyzie, the following steps can be taken for Android and iPhone respectively.

Step 1: Create your Spyzie account


Firstly, you can visit the official website of Spyzie on any device and create your account by entering the active account credentials.

To proceed, you have to enter details about the device owner and select the type of device you wish to spy on.


Step 2(a): To use WhatsApp spy on iPhone

To use this WhatsApp conversation spy on iPhone, you have to log-in to the same iCloud account that is linked to the target device. Make sure that the iCloud sync option is enabled on the device beforehand.


Step 2(b): To spy on an Android

If the target device is an Android, then you need to access it first and go to its Settings > Security to enable app installation from unknown sources.


Now, go to the website of Spyzie on any browser, download its APK, and grant the browser the permission to install the app.


Once the WhatsApp spy app is installed, launch it, and log-in to your own Spyzie account. Activate the device administrator and grant the app the needed permissions. You can remove the Spyzie icon from the home and let is run invisibly if you want to.


Step 3: Spy on WhatsApp remotely

That’s it! In the end, you can go to the online dashboard of Spyzie and obtain all the vital details of their WhatsApp (like their messages or exchanged media) remotely.


Part 3: SpyFone WhatsApp Spy

The next spot on our list of the best WhatsApp spy apps for Android and iPhone is SpyFone. The application supports leading Android and iPhone models and does not require any rooting as well. Though, to access the stored media and other details on iOS devices, you would need jailbreak access.

SpyFone Features

  • The WhatsApp spy for iPhone and Android is pretty easy to use and can track the exchanged messages on the app.
  • You can remotely view the messages as well as the timestamp for each message for an individual or group conversation.
  • Besides that, the details about the contact on WhatsApp can also be viewed.
  • You can also access the exchanged attachments remotely like photos, videos, documents, etc.
  • No rooting needed for Android devices


Part 4: FlexiSpy WhatsApp Spy

FlexiSpy is one of the most advanced WhatsApp trackers out there that offers a wide range of features. Using its WhatsApp spying feature, you can remotely obtain all the vital details of their WhatsApp and that too without letting them know. Though, these advanced features will need root or jailbreak access on the device.

FlexiSpy Features

  • It can track all the exchanged messages on WhatsApp and will let you know about their contact details and timestamp as well.
  • You can view all the exchanged (sent and received) attachments like WhatsApp photos, videos, documents, and more.
  • It also provides a detailed call log for every incoming and outgoing call on WhatsApp.
  • It runs in a stealth mode and requires root/jailbreak access on the device.


Part 5: FamiSafe WhatsApp Spy

Ideally, FamiSafe is a parental control and monitoring application to make sure your kids would use their smartphones responsibly. Apart from tracking their WhatsApp messages, you can also keep an eye on their app activity. You can also use its explicit filter to make sure they won’t chat with someone of bad influence.

FamiSafe Features

  • You can remotely track their WhatsApp content including their chats and shared attachments.
  • Parents will get a daily activity report to check how much time their kids spend on WhatsApp.
  • You can remotely block WhatsApp or any other app on the device as well.
  • If you want, you can also enable the explicit filter on WhatsApp and be notified whenever your kids would get exposed to any indecent content.


There you go! Now when you know about some of the best WhatsApp spy apps for Android and iPhone, you can easily pick an ideal spy app for your needs. To make things easier for you, I have provided stepwise solutions on how to spy on WhatsApp using various reliable applications. You can try either of these WhatsApp spy apps and keep an eye on someone else’s WhatsApp chats remotely. Feel free to try these options and let us know about your preferred WhatsApp spy in the comments.

Frequently Asked Questions about WhatsApp Spy (FAQs)

-Do I need to physically access the target iOS device?

It depends on different WhatsApp spy apps. For some applications, if you are using the non-jailbroken version, then you just need to enter the linked iCloud account details. Sometimes, users are needed to access the target device once to install the tracker (for jailbroken versions mostly).

-Do I need to install the software on the monitored phone?

No, you don’t always need to install the software as sometimes you just have to enter the linked iCloud account credentials. Though, sometimes, users are needed to install the tracker on the target device.

-Do WhatsApp spy trackers really work?

Yes, of course, most of the reliable WhatsApp spy apps and trackers work smoothly. You simply need to pick an ideal solution that should be compatible with the target device. I would recommend checking its reviews beforehand or giving it a try to make sure if you are comfortable with it.

-How often does the monitoring data get updated?

It depends on different spy apps. While some apps update their data daily, there are a few applications that would refresh their data within hours or more frequently.

-Will the other user know that I’m tracking their WhatsApp?

No – if the WhatsApp spy you are using supports a stealth mode, then the targeted user won’t know that they are being tracked. It would disguise itself as a system component (mostly) and will keep running in the background invisibly.

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